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Support your local Masjid & the Muslim Community.

Start advertising today and impact thousands of Muslims in Canada.

Our Company is constantly expanding into Mosques all across Canada, with digital billboards entering and exiting various Mosques to gather attention from all Muslims; Muslim Ad Market is your one stop shop.

When it comes to targeting the Muslim Community our Company stands far ahead of the competition. You can be sure your Business will be exposed to the widest range of brothers and sisters.

The advertisements are easily interchangeable/ editable. We use cloud-based servers to send out updates to the screens, so if a client needs changes they can be done in as little as 48 hours after we're contacted. Most of the screens have added features such as news tickers for important messages from the Mosque, information on prayer times, weather and other important information that will attract people to watch the screens for extended periods of time, increasing the likelihood of them seeing your Ad.