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Advertising and Marketing to the Muslim Community.

As market research shows, advertising in a religious place in the right way can gain more trust and appeal for your business from the community that frequents that place of worship. Advertise and market your brand to the Muslim community on our digital billboards installed in mosques.

In the growing technological world there are increasing ways of making sure you target only those customers who would be interested in your brand or products. Corporate branding, sales advertising and more is available through our company. With help from Muslim Ad Market, you can send a powerful message to whom you want to brand your product to.

Your business deserves more; Muslim Ad Market can do that for you.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, Ontario is home to more Muslims than any other province in Canada and those numbers are rapidly growing year by year. As a business owner, how you choose to advertise is a large part of growing your business; banner advertising, promotional advertising, digital advertising and billboard advertising are all key points in marketing your business.

Attending the mosque is a part of daily life for Muslims, therefore marketing your business/ services in the mosque must be a large part of your marketing plan. Realising your marketing objectives through sales advertising, whether it be digital billboards, digital advertisements or banner advertising is the most effective method of mosque marketing.

Marketing / branding and your branding strategy are significantly as important as corporate identity design and corporate identity creation when marketing billboards and billboard advertising are being used as a way to advertise to Muslims. Creating a corporate identity is a vital part of Muslim advertising and gaining marketing leads, thus corporate identity creation and corporate identity design play a large part in your success when advertising to Muslims and marketing to Muslims.

No matter what your goal is; be it branding, selling or just gaining new customers, with Muslim Ad Market, you can grow your business and achieve the level of success you strive for.

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Learn what we can do to promote your brand to the muslim community. We will guide you through the complete process, finding the right demographics and locations to target your ads appropriately.


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We have always done our best to provide top-notch advertisements for businesses. From ad consulting, which includes digital billboard advertisements, branding and sampling to test screen surveys within shows/ malls, and more..


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View some of our trusted and valued clients. A wide range of different organizations. Our Company is constantly expanding in mosques across Canada, with new businesses joining our movement.